The 5 Best Stock Photo Sites for 2017 (Royalty and Attribution Free)

‘Photos, photos, everywhere, and not a pic to use!’

There’s no shortage of pictures on the internet (apparently about 2 billion are uploaded every day). Ouch.

But not so fast – most of them are not free to take. Whether you found them on Google Images, a website or even an ebook, the fact is, it belongs to someone and it’s your job to know whom.

Fortunately, there are some amazing sites that will happily offer free stock images, without even requiring an attribution. Here is our personal list of great sites you can use to get completely free stock photos that you can use for your website, blog, articles, graphics or other project.

As a bonus, we’ve included examples of stock photography from each site.

And although we don’t have to, we’re including attributions, because, come on, it’s nice.


picjumbo photo

By Vektor Hanacek

Tired of generic stock photos? Picjumbo might be the site you are looking for. The brainchild of Czech photographer and entrepreneur Vektor Hanacek combines his dual talents of photography and web design. Picjumbo is a place where Vektor can share his creativity and provide the world with beautiful stock photos for everyone. Sounds like a win-win.

It’s almost a shame to call Picjumbo a stock photo site because the word ‘stock’ doesn’t do it justice. You won’t see anything generic here – this vast photo collection is fun, modern, alternative and artistically meritable. All the photos are in super high resolution too.

Unique feature Viktor’s lovingly crafted albums. Picjumbo is as much a photoblog (and a really good one, too) as it is a stock photo site.

Significant categories food, technology, nature, women



gratisography photoBy Ryan McGuire

Do you have a fun sense of a humour? Gratisography is the collection you need. It hosts an entertaining and evocative collection of zany, comical or, that word used to describe creator Ryan McGuire – ‘whimsical’ photos.

Although a large chunk of the site is humorous, there is plenty of serious content here too. (One photo of a man hurling a molotov cocktail comes to mind). But whether the collection makes you laugh or think, you won’t deny that this is one of the most memorable and evocative stock photo sites on the web. Collections like this turn stock photo hunting into a delightful experience.

Even if you aren’t looking for stock photos, just visit anyway. It’s that good.

Unique feature the photos themselves!

Specialises in humorous, surreal, urban photography, physical objects.



stocksnap photoBy Rachael Crowe

Stocksnap offers plenty of business and work related photos, but it really shines with its collection of people photography. It’s probably the most diverse range in this subject. If you’re looking to add a human element to your pictures, Stocksnap is a good choice.

Stocksnap works in conjunction with its owner, graphic design app Snappa, so if you’re looking to create quick blog banners or graphics on the go, then take Stocksnap for a spin and see how it works with you.

Unique Feature use in conjunction with Snappa makes it a quick solution for producing visual content.

Significant categories business, office photos and people photography



pexels photoBy Zukiman Mohamad

The great thing about Pexel is the way it acts as an aggregate, linking with other stock photo providers to ensure you find the right photo. It was my personal favourite for a long time because I always managed to find the picture I needed. As a result, Pexel was the only stock site I used. That should say something about Pexel’s impressive collection.

Unique feature aggregates photos from other stock sites, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Significant categories most kinds of photos, but the downside is you shouldn’t expect anything too specific to your needs.



pixabayBy Lubos Houska

Pixabay remains a favourite for content creators looking for completely free stock photos, and for good reason. Pixabay’s collection is gorgeous and there’s a great search feature making it easy to get what you want. Sometimes it can be hard to pick the right photo when you’re spoiled for choice.

Unique feature Along with photos, Pixabay offers stock illustrations, graphics and even videos for content creator.

Also, Pixabay’s brilliant search engine lets you filter photos by a range of options, including colour and orientation, which saves time in finding the right photo for your project.

Significant categories nature, plant and animal photos.

Is there a free stock photo site you prefer, not listed here? Or do you disagree with our choices? Let us know with your comment below.

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