Is website design just about happy colours and fancy pictures? It’s easy to assume this and not much more. No wonder so many people are afraid to take the step into the great unknown… hiring website designers! You might ask questions like: will they take good care of your business? Will they be worth your money?

Most of all, will they deliver results?

Results. That’s the key word. It’s the shiny golden promise of all businesses. You expect and create results. Results keep you in business.

But the first challenge is knowing what that result is. You want something new, something magnificent. A rebranding. But how do you achieve that result?

Achieving a result is all about setting goals. Really, goals and results are two sides of the same coin. A soccer field has a goal. Kicking it in is the goal. But kicking it in is also the result! The only way the soccer player can achieve that result is by knowing the goal.

In website design, knowing that same goal is fundamental. Your website should clearly pitch the goal of your business. This should be as plain and clear as a Give Way sign. It’s not enough to promise results – anyone can do that. You also need a legitimate plan on how you can achieve them.

That’s why Creative Cog offers the 3 Simple Steps for web design in order to set out goals with a realistic and direct plan for how to achieve results.

The first step is to Strategize – and we think this is the really fun part. Have you ever had a haircut or received any service, only to be disappointed? Have you thought those words every service provider hates to hear: “this isn’t what I had in mind”?

With strategizing, you’ll never hear, or say those words again. Strategizing means ensuring that everyone knows what they’re getting. This involves exchanging ideas so the designer can know exactly what the client is seeking, and the client can know what to expect.

After the first step is complete, we’ll present you with your very own personalised ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’. This sets the foundation of your goals, and a clear, direct path on how that goal will help you and your business achieve results.

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